Logo is the API Platform for signing documents. Use to integrate e-signing into your web or mobile application in minutes instead of months.

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Get Started

Using is simple. You begin by creating your account.

curl -X POST \ 
  -d "first_name=YOUR_FIRST_NAME" \ 
  -d "email=YOUR_EMAIL" \ 
  -d "password=YOUR_PASSWORD"

On a success response, you will receive your secret_api_key and your public_api_key. Use your secret key in the next step.

curl -X POST \ 
  -d "url="

On a success response, you will receive a share_url. Visit or share the share_url with the person you need to sign the document.

That's it. You are done. You will be notified by email when the document is signed.





Learn More

When you POST to /api/v0/documents.json, responds with the share_url. That share_url contains the special HTML5 document. It works on all modern devices - phones, tablets, and computers. Signers don’t have to download anything or learn new software.

Help & Support

If you need help, please get in touch with us at


We are still working on pricing. There will likely be a per document fee.


It is nice to have helper libraries in the language of your choice. We've built the following for you.

Open Source

We contribute to open source. Here are some of the libraries we have open sourced.


We maintain a blog. Please read and subscribe to it.